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The art works of Brandur Patursson are amazing creations in time and Space, captivating creatures of air, light and colour and enigmatic beings of pure beauty. 

Brandur Patursson s exploration of glass is like an exploration of the orgin of everything. It is an exploration of how life came from absolute nothingness, a study of existences, eternities, beginnings and infinities and a demonstration of how matter attains order and form. 

And the form itself is no less complex and ambiguous in these pieces. 

Glass as a material makes it possible to work with the interior of the sculpture as well as the exterior, to work with immaterial elements such as light and air and the space in between, to play with movement and have colour transform, disappear and reappear before our very eyes. Brandur Patursson shows a very conscious use of the material and the result is a form, which is both utterly perfect and completly contradictory, sculptures that possess both total harmony and total 


Just like glass is both strong and fragile the material is filled with endless contrasts - and so are the works of Brandur Patursson. They are all at once inside and outside, movement without moving, colour with no colour. They hold the orgin of all things and the destruction of all things. They are nothing and everything.

Inger Smærup Sørensen.